COVID-19 Information

WDFC COVID-19 Update (24th December 2021):

Fooball activities have now resumed under the latest Football NSW Guidelines issued on Friday 17th December 2021 (refer below).

New rules are in place, including:

  • from Friday 24 December, wearing a face mask in indoor areas (masks can be removed when undertaking exercise); and
  • from Monday 27 December, COVID Safe Check-in at hospitality and retail premises.
Football NSW COVID-19 Update (17th December 2021):

On Wednesday, 15 December 2021 an updated Public Health Order (PHO) came into effect easing a wide range of restrictions with respect of:

  • Density limits
  • Proof of vaccination
  • QR check in
  • Use of face masks

It is not the intent of Football NSW to dictate what steps Associations, Clubs or Centres should take and these entities should determine what is most appropriate for their particular circumstances, taking into account the well-being of their participants, volunteers and staff.

Some Associations, Clubs or Centres may choose to apply stricter requirements on their participants than those required under the PHO.  For example, a Futsal Centre may choose to require attendees to be fully vaccinated and to provide vaccination evidence.  The Futsal Centre is entitled to implement this requirement and participants are free to choose not to show vaccination evidence – however, the Futsal Centre is entitled to refuse them entry.

Below is a summary of the latest changes.

Sport and Exercise

Anyone can now participate in sport and exercise.

  • People are no longer required to be fully vaccinated or carry vaccination evidence.
  • COVID-19 Safe Check-in is only required at gyms (but not at dance, yoga, pilates, gymnastics or martial art studios).
  • Face masks are not required.
  • Density limits no longer apply.
  • COVID Safety Plans are no longer required.

Outdoor recreation facilities

Density limits and vaccination status no longer apply for outdoor gatherings.

Community sports, including matches, competitions and training, can take place for all participants regardless of vaccination status.

Indoor recreation facilities (e.g. Futsal)

Indoor recreation facilities can now operate with no person or capacity limits in place.


  • Football NSW insurances only apply to sanctioned football activities while those activities and while participants are compliant with the PHOs.
  • Participants who are injured while participating during a sanctioned football activity are covered by the Football NSW personal injury insurance for injuries sustained as a result of football participation (subject to policy terms and conditions), however, claims related to COVID-19 are an exclusion under our policies.

The above guidelines commence from Thursday, 16 December 2021. Football NSW will issue a further update following any changes to PHOs.

Football NSW’s latest COVID-19 updates and resources can be found on the Football NSW COVID-19 information page.

NSFA COVID-19 Update:

NSFA and grassroots football Associations have been granted permission to continue community football, spanning across LGA’s.

I would like to reiterate the following:

  • Maximum ONE spectator per participating player. Only parents and carers permitted. If non-essential, please stay home!
  • All spectators must social distance 1.5m – This is roughly the length of your umbrella, please use it!
  • No sharing drink bottles or food (e.g. Half time oranges)
  • No changerooms can be used.
  • Portable pitch-side BBQs are not permitted.
  • NSFA encourage the use of face masks for spectators
  • Spectators are required to position themselves on the opposite side of the field to the technical area (Manager, Coach, Players), or stand behind a fence where possible.

Any person/Club found to be acting in breach of the above NSFA directive will be investigated and the matter will be put forth before NSFA Protests, Disputes and Disciplinary Committee.

Ed Ferguson
CEO – Northern Suburbs Footballl Association

NSFA COVID-safe Protocols (updated 1st March 2021):

To help ensure that the appropriate safeguards are in place when participating, all players, parents, officials and spectators (where applicable) are required to adhere to the following:
  • Do not attend football if you are feeling unwell or have any cold or flu like symptoms, even a runny nose or scratchy throat.  Self-isolate immediately and get tested.
  • Wash and/or sanitize hands before and after attending all training and games
  • Players arrive dressed and ready to train or play
  • Limit the use of changerooms
  • Players must comply with the 1.5m social distancing rule at all times (except during games)
  • No shaking hands, high fives or hugging other players, match officials, team officials or spectators
  • No player walkouts prior to matches
  • No player huddles or post-match huddle celebrations
  • Avoid carpooling as this is considered “close contact” and increases the risk of transmission
  • If travelling by bus, coach or by public transport NSW Health advises to wear a face mask
  • Do not share drink bottles
  • Do not share containers of food, including oranges. Players should bring their own food and snacks.
  • Do not bring anyone with you to training or games that has attended any NSW Covid-19 case location listed on the NSW Health website or been in contact with a positive case of Covid-19 within a 2 week period or who has cold or flu like symptoms.  They should also immediately self-isolate and get tested.
  • Avoid bringing anyone who may be at high or increased risk of illness
  • Spectators must observe the 1.5m social distancing rule at all times unless from the same household
  • Players and spectators must not socialise or assemble in groups before, during or after training or games
  • Once training and games are finished, leave the venue as soon as possible
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if you feel unwell or develop cold or flu like symptoms
  • Regularly check the NSW Health Covid-19 Case locations and health advices.
  • Check for updates on the Football NSW Covid-19 Information webpage
Change Rooms
We remind Clubs/Coaches/Players/Officials that if Changerooms are in use to please adhere to the 2 square meter rule (as at 17/12/2021) and comply with the 1.5 physical distancing rule at all times in accordance with the public health order, minimise time spent within the change rooms and ensure the change rooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly and especially in between matches.
Additionally, post-match celebrations within change rooms (and posting of videos or images to social media depicting this) is not permitted as it carries with it a higher risk of potential transmission in the event that a player, team official or match official has Covid-19.

NSFA COVID-19 Safety Plan

The NSFA's COVID-19 Safety Plan (updated October 2021) has been lodged with NSW Health & each participating Council within the jurisdiction of NSFA.

Willoughby Dalleys FC COVID-19 Safety Coordinator & Safety Plan:

The Club's COVID-19 Safety Coordinator is Bob Tomasic (

Willoughby Dalleys FC has a COVID-19 Safety plan lodged with NSW Health & Willoughby City Council as prepared by our association, Northern Suburbs Football Association Limited (NSFA).

In the event of a case or suspected case of of COVID-19 in our Club, please refer to the
FNSW Responding to COVID-19 Information.

Willoughby Dalleys FC COVID-19 Safety Plan (updated November 2021)
Willoughby Dalleys FC COVID-19 Safety Plan (updated 4th April 2021)
Willoughby Dalleys FC COVID-19 Safety Plan (updated 1st March 2021)

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